Thursday, September 6, 2012

Halle turns FOUR

Happy Birthday Halle! This is long over due but here are some photos from Halle's birthday celebration, Hello Kitty Style. We celebrated her birthday the weekend before i had Aidah (June 16th) so that i could give her full attention and not have the worries of a new born on her real birthday(July 18th). It worked out perfect. We had tons of family from both my dad's and mom's sides, plus my sister tiffany and her crew were here to celebrate, plus aimee brought Noelle (jon and Maeryn stayed back sick), MINUS my brother (he was business in Alaska being all mountain man/gold mining and the like).
I caved and had her cake made by "2 Tarts Bakery" here in New Braunfels. One less thing for me to worry about aand this cake was DELICIOUS and too cute!
We also played "pin the bow on hello kitty". Me, the giantly pregnant one, had to demonstrate how to play, blind folded and twirling around ... gorgeous site, i know. But the kids loved playing a game, i think they thought they were SO big so i was happy to oblige.
And, of course, a south texas birthday party wouldn't be complete without a pinata. And a hello kitty one, of course. That pinata was invincable! All the kids took turns over and over and over again ... so Tiff and I took to wacking it, after beating it to death it came apart and the kids had NO IDEA what to do. It was pretty cute. They little ones could just sit there eating one piece of candy at a time and absolutely content. 

Ballerina Halle

Here she is, my Ballerina Halle. She has to wear an all pink leotard and tights. And cute little pink ballerina shoes. She has to have her hair pulled up and as close to a bun as i can. 
She was so excited. She instantly showed us her ballerina moves and how great it was going to be. 
I love my little jittery RED ballerina.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Aidah's First Vistors

The Davidson Clan

The Dugas Clan

My Little BIG Family

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Third Time ... from the beginning

This would be my third pregnancy, fourth baby. 
Wanting to be pregnant one more time (and not be twins again) seemed ever so relieving, and so far its not so bad, happy to report. I really just wanted one baby for the twins, Haven and Hazel to be big sisters to and of course, one baby for my big girl Halle.
Halle has grown up so much the past few weeks. She has been excited to have a baby just her own.
She has just completely surprised me and i couldn't be more grateful she's adjusting in a positive way. 
The twins however, are both getting their two year molars. its like DEATH! But other than that torture they love their little baby and are super attentive and give kisses willingly.
But anyways, back to an arrival of a fourth baby.
I had another c-section. (i've had one with all my pregnancies, halle's was a failed induction, my body refuses to dialate, and with the twins my body didn't budge either to opted to cut those twins out at 38 weeks)
This c-section I was more nervous about, just with having more recovery than a normal delivery, i'd be dealing with taking care of a baby and then 3 other crazy munchkins and how would everyone take in a new baby, it could be horrible or fantastic, just never know which way it will go ... ever! I just had such uneasiness, plus i just felt like i ought to be bigger than i was ... (i guess being priorly pregnant with twins will do that??) We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 and that night i slept all of 3 or 4 hours ...
but without fail we made it through my surgery and Aidah June was here at 7:57am weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long. 
She's been such a good baby so far, shes a piggy eater and rather consist with a eating/sleeping routine.
I've recovered physically from the csection super great this time around, however i did end up having a spinal leak headache. They released me thinking it would resolve it's self but 24 hours later i had to have Brett take me back up to hospital for an epidural blood patch. After that, all things seem to be resolved and on the up and up.
So here we are, a family of 6.
EVE of 5 going on 6
looking all pepped up at 5:30am
last shot
Surgical Daddy
First kisses
all cleaned up
Daddy and his littlest new love
exhausted together
not a great shot but theres dimples there!
sprawled out and content
snugged up just like how she was in my belly
ready to be home 
Pretty baby on our way home!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rough night

Such a bitter sweet evening. On one hand I can't wait to see this new little baby I've been harboring for the last 9 months and on the other ... I think of the time I can't dedicate to my other 3. It's just saying "your individual time with me is now even less, so tough" I hate that about this but then there is so much to be gained from a little sister, they learn a little more responsibility, to possibly be more patient with one another as there are 4 of them and one of me, how to love and be careful for a little baby all their own and so much more.
I hope they don't get overwhelmed with a baby that's so little and doesn't want to play with them (yet,
anyways) I'm nervous, can ya tell?!
I hate that I'm gonna have surgery and they have to be oober careful not to climb on me or give me body slamming hugs.
I'm gonna be exhausted and blissful with a new baby and maybe they'll think they can't have their mommy back?!
Blah! It's late, and I have to leave my csection in 5 hours ...
Let's see if I can pass out a bit.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maternity Photos and a Name

I've been slightly preoccupied lately but here's a goodie post. 
I just got my Maternity Photos back from ShyLaurel Photography. She does amazing things with lighting and angles. I wanted to document one pregnancy with a great photoshoot and i'm so happy to have such beautiful pictures to remember such a momentous thing in my life. (Plus, i didn't turn into a giant blob this time around so that totally had to be documented, haha.)

And as for this little girl, who is to be here one week from today, June 21st, 2012, 
her name ... is ... Aidah June.
Aidah - meaning reward/present.
I was being goofy with my husband and started quoting the movie Cold Mountain. (which i love, strangely, but not so strangely) "Ada Monroe, I marry you, I marry you, I marry you." I love Ada in the movie and thought hey, i love this name, its beautiful. I looked it up just to see and its absolutely perfect. No second thoughts, she is my last little present and reward. Its old fashioned and just perfect (plus we're spelling it A-i-d-a-h so its 5 letters and includes a flippin' H) 

So here's to Miss Aidah and seeing her Oh So Soon. xoxo    


Friday, May 4, 2012

A Name, what name ... that is the question?!

Random Blog to sort things out ... 
Its a "name" situation!

So I've thought about it and thought about it and thought about it and i'm in L-o-v-e with the name 
'Poppy' ... 'Poppy June' to be exact.
My other three girls names are 
Halle Rose
Haven Mae
Hazel Violet
And its not that i just LOVE "H" names but they just fit with each little girl.

Halle meant - unexpected gift (which she was)
Rose was for her unexpected red hair and its just old fashioned and beautiful! (a flower)

Haven  meant  - safe place (which she was so calm and is now the most friendly/loving)
Mae was for a calming freshness which i consider May to be and old fashioned sounding.

Hazel is a little crazy and eccentric, old fashioned, and it fit her personality, spaz.
Violet was again old fashioned, beautiful and eccentric. (a flower)

So fitting 'Poppy' in would be old fashioned, beautiful and a flower and just lovely.
'June' is also old fashioned, slightly corky, beautiful, and goes along with Haven's middle name.

So ... most other people i've talked to are just avid about me naming this little girl with another "H", like thats just the way it needs to be. And i suppose i can understand that and i'd like to if i really felt there was an "H" name just for her. The "H" names we've thrown around are Harlow, Harli, and Henley. Brett's fav is Harli June Davidson ... cliche, funny but adorable all in the same. 

I'm torn, and usually things like this don't phase me, its my decision but this time its hard. Do i just label her with another "H" to not disturb the balance of "H's" (that sounds ridiculous! ... but maybe valid so she's more apart of the other 3 and not sticking out like a sore thumb ... but then who really CARES!?!)

Commentary is most definitely appreciated!!!!!