Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Third Time ... from the beginning

This would be my third pregnancy, fourth baby. 
Wanting to be pregnant one more time (and not be twins again) seemed ever so relieving, and so far its not so bad, happy to report. I really just wanted one baby for the twins, Haven and Hazel to be big sisters to and of course, one baby for my big girl Halle.
Halle has grown up so much the past few weeks. She has been excited to have a baby just her own.
She has just completely surprised me and i couldn't be more grateful she's adjusting in a positive way. 
The twins however, are both getting their two year molars. its like DEATH! But other than that torture they love their little baby and are super attentive and give kisses willingly.
But anyways, back to an arrival of a fourth baby.
I had another c-section. (i've had one with all my pregnancies, halle's was a failed induction, my body refuses to dialate, and with the twins my body didn't budge either to opted to cut those twins out at 38 weeks)
This c-section I was more nervous about, just with having more recovery than a normal delivery, i'd be dealing with taking care of a baby and then 3 other crazy munchkins and how would everyone take in a new baby, it could be horrible or fantastic, just never know which way it will go ... ever! I just had such uneasiness, plus i just felt like i ought to be bigger than i was ... (i guess being priorly pregnant with twins will do that??) We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 and that night i slept all of 3 or 4 hours ...
but without fail we made it through my surgery and Aidah June was here at 7:57am weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long. 
She's been such a good baby so far, shes a piggy eater and rather consist with a eating/sleeping routine.
I've recovered physically from the csection super great this time around, however i did end up having a spinal leak headache. They released me thinking it would resolve it's self but 24 hours later i had to have Brett take me back up to hospital for an epidural blood patch. After that, all things seem to be resolved and on the up and up.
So here we are, a family of 6.
EVE of 5 going on 6
looking all pepped up at 5:30am
last shot
Surgical Daddy
First kisses
all cleaned up
Daddy and his littlest new love
exhausted together
not a great shot but theres dimples there!
sprawled out and content
snugged up just like how she was in my belly
ready to be home 
Pretty baby on our way home!


  1. She's just perfect! Congrats on everything! You are a rock star having four little ones. Glad your recovery is going well!

  2. Yay for pretty Baby Aidah, and everything turning out just great (aside from the spinal leak headache). You have a perfect, lovely family and I know things will only continue to get better for all of you! :) You can pretty much make it through anything now...XO

  3. Congratulations! Thanks for the wonderful pics!