Thursday, September 6, 2012

Halle turns FOUR

Happy Birthday Halle! This is long over due but here are some photos from Halle's birthday celebration, Hello Kitty Style. We celebrated her birthday the weekend before i had Aidah (June 16th) so that i could give her full attention and not have the worries of a new born on her real birthday(July 18th). It worked out perfect. We had tons of family from both my dad's and mom's sides, plus my sister tiffany and her crew were here to celebrate, plus aimee brought Noelle (jon and Maeryn stayed back sick), MINUS my brother (he was business in Alaska being all mountain man/gold mining and the like).
I caved and had her cake made by "2 Tarts Bakery" here in New Braunfels. One less thing for me to worry about aand this cake was DELICIOUS and too cute!
We also played "pin the bow on hello kitty". Me, the giantly pregnant one, had to demonstrate how to play, blind folded and twirling around ... gorgeous site, i know. But the kids loved playing a game, i think they thought they were SO big so i was happy to oblige.
And, of course, a south texas birthday party wouldn't be complete without a pinata. And a hello kitty one, of course. That pinata was invincable! All the kids took turns over and over and over again ... so Tiff and I took to wacking it, after beating it to death it came apart and the kids had NO IDEA what to do. It was pretty cute. They little ones could just sit there eating one piece of candy at a time and absolutely content. 

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