Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maternity Photos and a Name

I've been slightly preoccupied lately but here's a goodie post. 
I just got my Maternity Photos back from ShyLaurel Photography. She does amazing things with lighting and angles. I wanted to document one pregnancy with a great photoshoot and i'm so happy to have such beautiful pictures to remember such a momentous thing in my life. (Plus, i didn't turn into a giant blob this time around so that totally had to be documented, haha.)

And as for this little girl, who is to be here one week from today, June 21st, 2012, 
her name ... is ... Aidah June.
Aidah - meaning reward/present.
I was being goofy with my husband and started quoting the movie Cold Mountain. (which i love, strangely, but not so strangely) "Ada Monroe, I marry you, I marry you, I marry you." I love Ada in the movie and thought hey, i love this name, its beautiful. I looked it up just to see and its absolutely perfect. No second thoughts, she is my last little present and reward. Its old fashioned and just perfect (plus we're spelling it A-i-d-a-h so its 5 letters and includes a flippin' H) 

So here's to Miss Aidah and seeing her Oh So Soon. xoxo    



  1. I absolutely love it! Love her name, the meaning and the pictures
    And I do la la love the movie cold mountain too!
    So excited for you lovely

  2. Love that name!

    Also, I can't believe how amazing you on your fourth kid, one of the pregnancies being twins. I'm jealous!