Friday, May 4, 2012

A Name, what name ... that is the question?!

Random Blog to sort things out ... 
Its a "name" situation!

So I've thought about it and thought about it and thought about it and i'm in L-o-v-e with the name 
'Poppy' ... 'Poppy June' to be exact.
My other three girls names are 
Halle Rose
Haven Mae
Hazel Violet
And its not that i just LOVE "H" names but they just fit with each little girl.

Halle meant - unexpected gift (which she was)
Rose was for her unexpected red hair and its just old fashioned and beautiful! (a flower)

Haven  meant  - safe place (which she was so calm and is now the most friendly/loving)
Mae was for a calming freshness which i consider May to be and old fashioned sounding.

Hazel is a little crazy and eccentric, old fashioned, and it fit her personality, spaz.
Violet was again old fashioned, beautiful and eccentric. (a flower)

So fitting 'Poppy' in would be old fashioned, beautiful and a flower and just lovely.
'June' is also old fashioned, slightly corky, beautiful, and goes along with Haven's middle name.

So ... most other people i've talked to are just avid about me naming this little girl with another "H", like thats just the way it needs to be. And i suppose i can understand that and i'd like to if i really felt there was an "H" name just for her. The "H" names we've thrown around are Harlow, Harli, and Henley. Brett's fav is Harli June Davidson ... cliche, funny but adorable all in the same. 

I'm torn, and usually things like this don't phase me, its my decision but this time its hard. Do i just label her with another "H" to not disturb the balance of "H's" (that sounds ridiculous! ... but maybe valid so she's more apart of the other 3 and not sticking out like a sore thumb ... but then who really CARES!?!)

Commentary is most definitely appreciated!!!!!


  1. I LOVE Poppy June! That is so darn cute! Don't name her with an H just for the sake of uniformity. That's my 2 cents.

  2. I LOVE Poppy June for sure but you never know what kind of personality or self esteem this girl is going to come with she could be 100% confident and love that shes the only "p" or she could waiver in confidence and wonder why she didnt get an "H" name like her sisters. It sounds crazy but i know people that have that thought process and they're almost 40! So to me that would be hard not to use a "H" name because you never know what kind of personality this baby will have. Good luck on your decision that's a tough one for sure!