Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Halles 'no singing' first program

Halle first school Program was today. I lugged the twins along with me. Thats always But they did rather well. Halle however did not like all the attention put on her from the audience so she didn't sing one bit. I video taped one song then moved to the other side right by her and she finally saw me and completely broke down crying and hyperventilating. I was slightly stressed this morning to say the least so when she broke down, i began to break down. Both of us crying ... what am i going to do with us, with all these girls, me and my hormonal craziness. BLAH! So after her last song was over she came and just squeezed on me and cried a little more and just wanted to go home with "mommy". Makes a mommy feel good but i felt so bad she got so overwhelmed. :( 
All the while, the twins went up by the stairs and sat with Halle's teacher. They thought they were being "VERY BIG" :) 

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